How Dangerous Mosquito Could Be

This is something you should be concerned about. No longer can a single mosquito landing out of the blue on your arm be taken lightly. Or with a pinch. This is something your mosquito control camden technician could fill you in on in more detail but still in words that you could well understand and appreciate. Today, the mosquito could be so dangerous that should you find one on your arm do not even attempt to kill it.

That is something you may already have been willy-nilly accustomed to doing before. So easy to handle these isolated incidents. So easy to do. The moment you see one of these critters land on your arm, not so much in a fit of anger or frustration but more out of a sense of invincibility, you simply smack the insect dead. And then unhygienically wipe the debris from your arm. There might even have been a minute splatter of blood.

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But no matter. It was not yours. But still, it could happen. The shock of being killed on impact could very well lead to the mosquito releasing its needle into your arm. And the blood that the mosquito is carrying could already be infected. This is how easy it is to contract malaria. And just because your local hospital has a vaccine for treating this common mosquito virus does not mean that you can now rest easy.

Never mind that the malarial symptoms could be fairly traumatic, there is still this. Because what if this mosquito is carrying that virus. Yup. You have been reading all about it. And if you haven’t you’ve seen it every night on your TV screens for how many months now. At the time of writing, it’s already a year.

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