Why Do We Become Addicted?

There are a lot of questions when it comes to talking about addiction and the human condition.  As humans, we are trained that things that are not good for us should be avoided, however, we tend to never think about these when it comes to items that make us feel good or could lead to addiction.

When it comes to addiction there are only two roads in which they can lead.  The first is that they will claim your life in one way or another or you will decide that it is not for you and seek out addiction treatment fayetteville ar.

Why do we start?

The first question that you need to ask yourself is, why do you start?  For many people this is going to be a different answer, however they will fall into a theme.  In most cases they are trying to escape reality.  There was an event in their life that was too painful for them to deal with on their own so they turn to drugs and alcohol to fill this void.

Why do we continue?

Once we start why is it that we continue?  We continue because we start to feel good and the problems that we were escaping seemed to vanish.  The trap, however, is that they didn’t vanish, we just didn’t care about them.  As a result, we continue to take the drugs in order to reach that level of feeling once again.  The trap is, that we don’t and eventually we need to continue to take the substances because our brains have become so reliant on it just to feel normal and function.

Seeking help

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Once we understand how this all works, we need to seek help.  In seeking help, we need to want to change.  We want to be able to handle life and what is thrown at us and more.  If you feel that you are falling into this spiral, you need to take a look at yourself and get help.  This is the only way that things are ever going to change.

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